Why Having 24/7 Customer Support Is Not Enough

Customer demands are constantly growing, and the traditional 8-hour business operations are no longer enough to meet the needs of a highly demanding and globalized market. Thus, thanks to the advent of technological advancements, 24/7 customer support was born.

The concept of round-the-clock service stems from the fact that customer needs simply do not follow any schedule. This is especially true for certain industries, and any business that wishes to stay competitive has to be able to satisfy such needs at any time of day.

24/7 Customer Service in Healthcare

The healthcare industry is among those that highly depend on seamless and timely support all day long. Patient needs simply cannot wait, and response times can directly affect the quality of care, and in certain conditions, even life and death.

Doctors, nurses, and other professionals in the medical field have come to rely on 24/7 support in providing services for patients. Various support functions require on-the-dot response whether they are answering questions or providing technical assistance. Even mundane administrative tasks such as data entry, data retrieval, and medical transcription heavily rely on uninterrupted service and swift turnaround times.

Why Many Home Healthcare Providers Trust Luckwell

Although the importance of 24/7 support is well established, its effectiveness and impact on overall customer experience can only go as far as the other tools an organization employs to deliver its services.

Forward-thinking companies like Luckwell Solutions understands this, which is why it inculcates other instruments in its customer service mix. Hence, Luckwell is able to provide targeted support to home health companies across the globe with a high emphasis on timeliness, accuracy, and efficiency.

Luckwell’s Team

Manning Luckwell’s round-the-clock team is a highly competent workforce deployed to fill the various staffing needs of clients. Luckwell’s employee hiring process is highly selective, where each applicant is meticulously scrutinized, accepting only those who pass a high set of standards.

On top of educational background and work experience required for selection, employees undergo rigorous trainings that are customized for each assigned deployment. These trainings are designed to keep all Luckwell staff updated with the latest trends, terminologies, and legal requirements in the industry.

Customized Solutions

Luckwell recognizes that each client is different. While there is already a working recipe, clients are not treated with a cookie-cutter approach. Prior to engaging in Luckwell’s services, each client’s nuances are carefully studied to provide a customized mix of services that is tailor-fit to the client’s uniqueness.

Data and Security Compliance

24/7 operations mean thousands of data are being exchanged non-stop, every day. Luckwell takes serious measures in privacy protection and is SOC Type 2 certified. Companies with these certifications have undergone strict security controls and process audits by an accredited third party to ensure that the highest standards in information protection are met.

Clients can rest assured that all information that passes through or is stored in Luckwell’s systems is kept safe using the latest data security protocols in the industry.

Get in Touch

If you’re a healthcare provider who wishes to incorporate 24/7 support in your operations, send an email to info@luckwellsolutions.com to learn more.

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